Friday, 31 October 2008

Craic at the Cow (Folk Poem)

Tonight the Celtic bards will sing
And you will drink the flowing cup
To make your drooping heart take wing
And lift your flagging spirits up.

The fiddler's here, and the piper too
To set your toes a-tapping
And by the time that they're all through
You'll all be wildly clapping.

The wild guitar will fill the bar
With chords of rippling glory
And the mandolin will make you spin
While the bard chants out his story.

So now's your chance, get up and dance
You're in the company of giants
In magic haunts of leprechauns
All unbeknown to science.

And when you wake tomorrow morn
Feeling all hungover
Don't just lie in bed forlorn
Or curse the day that you were born
Get up, get out and face the dawn
And be forever a wild rover!

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